Energetic boys ages 9-12 fill the campgrounds during this week of camp. High quality counselors and a dedicated staff strive to give the boys an exciting and memorable week at Boys Camp.

Boys Camp is full of tradition and is characterized by enthusiasm. One of the highlights of the week is an overnight camp out that takes the boys to various locations where they hike, cook over a fire, and sleep in tents. The older boys of Sioux cabin experience the adventure of a canoe trip down Autrain River.

This week is full of activities to keep young and active boys moving. They include archery, riflery, extreme art, mountain biking, waterskiing and more. And if the day's skill sessions and competitions aren't enough, each evening includes every campers favorite game—Capture the Flag!

Back by popular demand, Tom Felten will be our Chapel speaker. Last time Chief Tom was speaker we had one chapel in a bat cave, another chapel 30 feet above ground, and then during the last chapel Chief Tom walked on water in Farmer Lake. Most of all you’ll remember Chief Tom’s love of Jesus and his clear communication of God’s Word. Chapel is an unpredictable, jam-packed time that will be one of your favorite times of the day! 

Boys Camp's rich history includes solid Bible teaching and quality cabin devotion times as campers wind down for the night. It should also be noted that campers should be on their best behavior during the week, for outstanding graduates of Boys Camp are recommended by counselors to participate in the W.O.L.F. Trails backpacking trip!


July 14-21, 2018

$195 Camp Fee (due at check-in on July 14), $40 Registration Fee

Boys, ages 9-12


Chief Charlie is from Cleveland, Ohio, and has been a UPBC counselor for over 20 years. He serves on the UPBC Board of Trustees and loves mixing it up with the boys every summer at Boy's Camp. He's been overheard saying, "Boy's Camp is my favorite week of the year! You can feel God's pleasure during Boy's Camp even though most of the campers are University of Michigan fans."

Contact: boyscamp@upbiblecamp.org