JV Camp Wrap Up-

JV Camp has come and gone, but lives were changed for eternity while the campers were at UPBC! I know of two campers who came to know Jesus as their Savior and one who was baptized. 

JV Campers participated in two days away from UPBC. The first trip was a hike from Wetmore Landing to Little Presque Isle. We started out enjoying "walking tacos" for lunch on the beach at Wetmore Landing. Then the campers hiked a short 1.6-mile trail along the shore of Lake Superior. Later, campers spent a few hours hanging out at the beach. The second day away was spent at AuTrain Beach. The campers had fun swimming in AuTrain river and playing games on the beach—including designing and building sand castles with a biblical theme. Toward the end of day, campers posed for a group photo and then waded into Lake Superior for a 5-minute "polar plunge." This included 1 minute standing in the chilly water, 1 minute standing with the water up to your thighs in the water, 1 minute with it up to your waist, 2 minutes with it up to your neck, and submerging your head under the water. Nearly 75% of the campers did this cool event!

While at camp, the campers enjoyed participating in two skills the first week and two new ones during the second week. Some of the skills offered were challenge course, skiing/tubing, riflery, archery, and much more. Take a few minutes to look at some of the activity photos on Smug Mug!

The second Saturday of JV camp we started with a Hobo Breakfast—a camp classic. This was followed by a time of worship and team challenge. Saturday afternoon we hosted a Bible Trivia Game Show and the Great JV Race. We ended Saturday with a panel discussion that addressed questions some of the campers had turned in earlier that day. Sunday's two big events were Messy Games and Solid Rock Cafe. Messy Games included playing kickball with the bases being kiddie pools full of watered down condiments, building things out of spam, tug-of-war in a mud pit, and "drip, drip, drop" with stuff in a bucket. The Messy Games wrapped up with campers jumping in the lake to clean off. Solid Rock Cafe is a talent show and this year we had nearly 25 acts. The show took place in the lodge with all the chairs removed and everyone seated or lying on the floor with snacks in hand.

JV Camp finished with a campfire. During the campfire we encouraged campers to share what was on their hearts. There was also an ice cream sundae party for the team that won the Team Challenge. Team Challenge runs throughout both weeks of camp. It includes team sports, competing in the JV Race, a Bible Trivia Game Show, and a team skit.
-Jeremy Wright, UPBC Executive Director
Lisa Van RynComment