Adventure 13 - Wrap Up

We have had a full week at Adventure 13.  Campers have carried on through incredible wind, rain, and also beautiful sunny days.

On Tuesday we spent time biking and hiking near Marquette. Time was spent overlooking Lake Superior and realizing what a great natural resource it is while also how dangerous it can become during storms.  Campers were encouraged to reflect on how life can be like that, calm and sunny and inviting at times while also stormy, difficult and dangerous.  In small groups they talked about how a faith in Jesus can anchor them through storms.

On Wednesday campers enjoyed some free time with waterfront activities and tournaments for volleyball and grizzball.  Many camp-wide rounds of the game “infection” were played throughout the day.  At evening chapel Jeff focused on the importance of building up your faith now so it is solid when trials come.  Jeff Martin and Lisa VanRyn shared personal stories of faith-testing.  

Thursday had campers headed to Sugar Loaf Mountain in Marquette where they hiked up to a beautiful overlook of Lake Superior.  The last portion of their hike was completed while blindfolded.  Counselors asked the campers to think about how we can go through life blindfolded, not realizing the fullness of life we can be living, just as they were sitting at the top of this gorgeous view but not able to see it.   Campers discussed the fact that Jesus gave us life to live abundantly and what that means in a day-to-day setting.  

There is certainly some bonding that has taken place over the last few days.  Campers that felt uncomfortable on the first day are seen laughing and engaging in games.  New friendships have been formed and campers have been stretched to step out of their comfort zones.  It has been great to watch these teens grow throughout the week.

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