Boys Camp

It's day two of Boys Camp 2016 and so far we are 100% free of any Pokemon sightings. The events of the last couple weeks (and today) throughout the United States and abroad have left Christians worldwide fervently praying for peace. We know deep down it won't happen this side of eternity, but here at UPBC we have a small sanctuary of time and space to preach the peace of Jesus Christ to your sons. We thank you for this opportunity. 

Yesterday the boys arrived and the chaos we know as Boys Camp began. The weather was cool, but we made it through activity selections, swim tests and the all-camp activity without rain. Not quite so lucky today. 

Oh wait, 106 boys ages 9-13 love rain! Did this stop boating, riflery, archery, ultimate games or extreme crafts? No mom and dad, it did not. We pressed on, got soaked and had a blast during a torrential Upper Peninsula downpour. 

Many courses of fried food were served at the annual stadium dinner tonight. The boys and staff decked themselves out in their favorite sports teams attire. Much ado was made about the recent NBA championship victory of the Cleveland Cavaliers and a rousing chorus of the national anthem was sung. Not to be outdone, some natives from the north sang "O Canada". We love our Canadian friends. 

Uncle Phil Mikely is back this year to speak at the morning and evening chapel services. As in years past, he is delivering the gospel in a manner few can. He challenges the boys to learn, read and memorize the Word of God. Tonight Uncle Phil is preaching through Romans 6:23 about the wages of sin. After chapel, we're having a campfire when several counselors will give their testimonies. Solid, Christian men humbling themselves in front of your sons to tell their stories of life apart from Christ and life now in Christ. 

We know the Spirit is moving. We know the boys are having their hearts stirred. We ask you to join us in prayer for these young souls.

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