WOLF Trails

This year, we have 5 WOLF campers and 3 leaders hitting the trails of Isle Royale. They spent Saturday getting ready for their big trip and completing their swim test. Alex, Phil, and Amos made sure the campers had the food and gear needed for their tri. Campers learned how to use equipment such as their stove, tent, and water purifier. That night, they spent time together as a group hanging out at camp. Sunday morning they woke up at 3:00am and left camp o make sure they caught the ferry out of Copper Harbor by 8:00am. The 3-1/2 hour boat ride to Isle Royale was followed by a short water taxi to Daisy Farm where they started hiking. Sunday, the group hiked 4 miles to Moskey Basin and enjoyed the views. Monday morning they radioed in and gave this report to base camp before heading to West Chicken Bone. Be on the look out for more posts to come.