Boys Camp - Wrap Up

This is it. The final day. And what a glorious week it has been! Parents, prepare your washing machines for some filthy clothes, and prepare your son's dresser drawers for all the clean, folded clothes returning home as well. 

Since our last post, there has been torrential rain, oppressive heat, an overnight campout, and many knock-down-drag-out games of Capture the Flag. The annual Grizball (carpetball) tournament is now underway with a winner to be crowned tonight. But these are trivial matters of camp. 

The real reason we are here is to see lives turned from a path of eternal destruction to a path of eternal salvation. The goal of every counselor and staff member has been to create an environment for these boys to realize the need for their savior Jesus Christ. 

We praise God many heard the call! Last night we had camper testimonies and several stood up to tell the entire camp about their choice to follow Him. Others have told their counselors about their decision. How awesome. 

We're excited for you to ask your son about all the fun he had, but make sure to find out what he learned. Uncle Phil brought the gospel with great energy and without apology. The seed has been sown. 

This staff loves your boy and will be praying for him throughout the year. We thank you again for a chance to build strong male character into your son. Please let UPBC know if there is anything we can do to help you and your family. Hope to see you in 2017!

Lisa Van RynComment