WOLF Trails - Wrap Up

The WOLF campers had an awesome trip. On Monday morning they hiked 6 miles to West Chicken Bone where they swam, made lunch, and tried to find some shade. On Tuesday, they had their longest hike of the week -- 11 miles -- to Todd Harbor. Along the way they saw moose tracks and antlers. After the hike and dealing with a few blisters, they jumped into Lake Superior where they washed their clothes and watched the sunset. On Wednesday, the boys hiked 6 miles on the Minong Ridge in the heat. They stopped to enjoy the Minong Mines and what was left of an old mining village. Once they reached their destination, the boys went swimming once more in Lake Superior in an attempt to escape the heat. Thursday morning the boys encountered a big thunderstorm, while still in their tents. Once the storm settled, the boys began their 8-mile hike to Daisy Farm where they would spend their last night on the island. Along the way they climbed Mt. Ojibway and enjoyed a fantastic view of the island from the Ranger Tower. On Friday morning, the boys woke up at 6:30am to begin their last 8-mile hike to Rock Harbor where they enjoyed burgers and waited for the ferry ride home. On the way back home, they stopped for pizza in Houghton and saw two moose on the side of the road; a mother with her calf. 

Lisa Van RynComment