Varsity Camp

The week started off fantabulous! A unified group right from the beginning. From the ice breakers, throwing pudding, shaving cream and flour into each other's faces, to the koinonia times where the campers are split into teams and ask hard questions after chapel sessions, this has been an awesome group. 

The weather has thrown a few hiccups into the "plan" for varsity and it has been really cool to see how God had something better in store for everyone here at camp. 

We have had many young men stepping up and asking girls to the banquet and Steve and Curtis have kept the camp laughing with their hilarious skits and games. 

Jimmy, Melissa and Curtis have been killing it with the worship, singing times and Keoni has been speaking this week about overcoming things such as isolation, hypocrisy and deception as he's been bringing us through the book of 1 John. One thing that has been consistently talked about by campers has been how the worship times have encouraged them to experience God in new ways.

Overall, God has been breaking down walls in many young lives as opportunities for growth and change have been presented. Please continue to pray that God moves within the lives of everyone here! Thanks for reading!

Lisa Van RynComment