Monday, June 26, 2017

It’s the third day of JV Camp and exciting things are happening at UPBC.  As soon as campers arrived on Saturday, they met their counselors, completed check-in, settled in to their cabins, and formed teams for their time at JV Camp. Unfortunately, a heavy rain came in to camp and delayed our swim test to Sunday morning.  After dinner, despite the rain, campers competed with their teams (co-ed groups of 10 campers of all ages) in a game called Extreme Capture the Flag.  After a great evening of team competition, campers attended their first JV chapel session.  Campers gathered around the fireplace in the lodge to more formally meet all the counselors, counselors-in-training, speakers, and support staff.  Campers were challenged to grow in their faith, step outside of their comfort zones, and to embrace the opportunity to make new friendships and strengthen existing friendships.  Campers were also encouraged to complete a Bible reading challenge.  To complete the challenge, campers need to read their Bible for at least 5 minutes each day.  Feel free to write your camper with encouragement to complete all of those challenges.

Yesterday (Sunday) began as a more pleasant Upper Peninsula morning.  After breakfast, campers cleaned their cabins and helped pick up the rest of the camp grounds following yesterday evening’s activities.  Campers then headed to their first morning chapel where Zach Mundy shared his first message and were led in worship by a worship team from Spring Arbor University.  Zach is the pastor of student ministries at Grace Church in Commerce, Michigan and he is teaching on the topic of how God’s Love Produces various changes in one’s life. 

After morning devotions and discussion, campers were finally able to complete the swim test in the sunshine. We rescheduled team challenge to later in the evening to accomplish this task. This week in team challenge campers are playing ultimate frisbee, kickball, lawn games, and soccer, as well as experiencing the Zip Line, and preparing for skits to be held this weekend.  Participating in each challenge earns points for the teams and winning teams receive more points.  The team with the most points at the end of the 2 weeks earns an ice cream party and their picture on the JV Wall of Fame in the Dining Hall.

After a famous UPBC Sunday Dinner, campers completed their 2 elective skill activities for the first week.  This week campers are water skiing and wake boarding, at the rifle and archery range, on the high ropes course and climbing tower, making creative art projects, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding and playing group initiatives and games.  After the evening meal, campers had some free time and enjoyed ice cream from the trading post before going to evening chapel.  In the evenings, Dean Johnson, the senior pastor of Lake Pointe Bible Church in Plymouth, Michigan will be speaking.  This week Dean is speaking out of the book of Luke.  His messages will focus on how the book of Luke is a thoroughly investigated, true account of the life of Jesus and how that influences one’s relationship with Christ.

Today (Monday) has started as a rainy day again, but the campers are taking it in stride and being very flexible with changes to accommodate the rain. After a delicious breakfast and cleaning up camp, the campers are hearing a thought provoking message from Zach and going on with Team Challenge and their skills as much as possible.

It’s been rainy, but a great start to camp!