"We've had an amazing week. We love this place! Of all the places we've been able to travel with our boys, this is by far the best. It's hard to put into words what all happens during this week. Praising God for another blessed week at UPBC!" -Amy Tudor

It's hard to believe that our week is coming to a close. The time away, with family, has been just what we all needed to rejuvenate and relax before returning to our busy lives.

Thursday was a day to experience the U.P. One family returned to Presque Isle for a picnic. Another family enjoyed some thrift and antique shops before heading back to the Woodlands for some time on the lake. Some of us enjoyed fishing and kayaking on Little Lake as well. Friday morning, Graham Martin joined us for some leather crafting. We made bookmarks, keychains, and belts. The families loved this experience! The afternoon was family choice day. Families could opt to go on another day trip or stay at the Woodlands for some relaxation.

To close the week, Brian spoke about ultimate authority. He referenced John 8:32 and Romans 13:1-2, as well as Proverbs 3:5-6 and James 3:17. He challenged us to trust and submit to Him. We were reminded that maximum freedom is found under God's ultimate authority.

One of the nice things about Family Experience Week has been the loose schedule. Families have enjoyed experiencing the U.P., as well as relaxing or playing in the lake at the Woodlands. We can do as much or as little as we want in a day.

This was a great inaugural Family Experience Week at UPBC at the Woodlands. We are already looking forward to next year! The dates are June 30-July 7, 2018. Registration opens February 1. This week of camp is best for families with children over age 8. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the camp, or us at the following email addresses: (Brian) (Julie)

Until next year,
Brian and Julie Richmond, Directors

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