A13 had a great week. Campers and counselors were super flexible as the week changed around due to weather.  On Monday, campers headed in for a bike ride through Marquette and a walk out onto the breakwater to a lighthouse.  Monday evening our worship leaders held a coffee house for the campers. Music, fellowship, and snacks helped the campers further their friendships with each other.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were spent at camp enjoying activities such as high ropes and waterskiing as well as board games, biking and leathercraft. A rousing game of four-way capture the flag got everyone’s adrenaline going. The cool weather didn’t deter campers from jumping in Little Lake to swim and ski.

We wrapped the week up with a hike up Sugarloaf Mountain and down along the lakeshore of Lake Superior to Little Presque Isle Point. Campers were challenged to jump into the water at black rocks. 

Pastor Steve continued to challenge the campers in going out to make disciples. He shared how we need courageous faith, we need to BELIEVE Jesus not just believe in him, count the cost, and God has no Plan B. At the end of the week he asked campers to think about two points: what is God saying to you and what are you going to do about it? Many campers wrote responses to this and even shared with a counselor to help keep them accountable once they returned home.

We are grateful for the week we had and looking forward to next year!

Lisa Van RynComment