Little Lake. High Noon. Parents and their young sons arrive on the grounds of Upper Peninsula Bible Camp. As they step out of their cars, minivans and fuel efficient SUVs, senses kick in. 

They breathe in the fresh smell of pine wafting through the air. They feel the cool breeze coming off Farmer Lake. Then, amongst the banging of Grizballs and the clanging of luggage carts over ancient tree roots, they hear it. 

The camp bus, grinding through gears southbound on Bible Camp Drive. Like gasoline thrown on simmering ashes, the bulk of Boys Camp has arrived to ignite the craziest week of the summer camp programs. 

We are not prophetic, but we have a few promises: 

1) more than half the tonnage of clean clothing, packed ever so carefully by loving mothers, will return exactly as it was sent. 

2) it will be the last time this specific group of campers, counselors and program staff will be together in a perfect symphony of uncompromised hygiene. 

3) the Word of God will be preached unapologetically and Christ Jesus will move in the hearts of these young men. 

There was a mild hurricane on the lake during the swim tests (and the sun reappeared just as quick). Campers were pummeled by large, rubber dodge balls. Ice cream was made from scratch materials in ziplock bags, mixed by boys throwing said bags of ice at each other. 

Fear not, mom and dad, your sons are in good hands. Thanks to this blog and the magic of interwebs, what happens in the U.P. will not stay in the U.P. Your boy(s) will be returned to you whole, tired and chock full of bible lessons taught by an incredibly gifted communicator of the gospel. 

The honor is truly ours to have one week of the year to pour our hearts into your child's. Enjoy your time without him, because frankly, he will be having a blast without you! 

Lisa Van RynComment