We apologize for the delay in posting a new blog. Here's the reason - when Boys Camp at UPBC is rocking like it is this week, it's hard to find a few quiet minutes to write. Let's work backwards, eh?  

Right now it's Tuesday evening chapel. Chief George is finishing up his messages on Joseph. There's little doubt, based on the feedback from counselors, the boys are being stirred by the Holy Spirit due to the words provided George. 

Before chapel, it was Swamp Capture the Flag. Why "swamp" you ask? Well if you've ever been at UPBC after a massive, hours-long rain, the center of camp appears as a swamp of floating pine needles. There is no better way to get messy. Mothers, please cringe. Your son is safe. Wet, but safe. 

Before S-CTF, it was fiesta dinner. Not a lot of great Mexican food places in the UP, but UPBC knocked it out the park. ¡Viva Susie Van Ryn!

Before fiesta dinner was morning and evening activities, lunch...blah blah blah. Before the blah's was Hobo breakfast, the single greatest signature meal of UPBC. Let us pause and give thanks for abandoned railroad tracks, paraffin wax, bacon grease and the all-purpose tool. May we continue to risk our lives in this marvelous way. 

Yesterday? Well that was kind of a blur and this author has since forgotten the events, but we have had some glorious stories shared. 

- There was a boy suffering from a little homesickness. He was alone, sobbing at the beginning of chapel. Two other boys sat down next to him and gave encouragement. Problem solved. 

- Another boy was lagging behind during the mountain biking class. A biggest and fastest kid saw what was going on, so he stopped and let everyone pass him by. He gave up his lead (and the challenge to go as fast as he could) to hang back and encourage the slower rider. 

- A boy with a limited-use arm signed up for archery. He didn't have the strength to draw back the bow...not even close. The activity leaders took the time to modify a bow, figured out a strategy for him to hold the bow with his feet and then lean back against a heavy chair. Mission accomplished. The kid was able to fire and was shooting bullseyes. 

Most importantly, there have been a few boys who have told their leaders they made a commitment to follow Christ. We trust there will be more.  

Tomorrow afternoon the camp empties as the boys and their counselors pack up and leave for the off-site overnight campout. Please be praying for the weather and the counselors. This is by far the most stressful part of the week, but it presents itself with amazing opportunities to reach young boys with the Gospel.