Sunday July 2, 2017

On Friday night, we played our night game. At JV Camp, night games are played after evening chapel and evening devotions. Friday’s game featured a competition between the boys and the girls. To begin, the girls had 10 minutes to hide somewhere on the campgrounds. After those 10 minutes, the boys had 10 minutes to find the girls. In the second round, the boys had 10 minutes to hide and the girls had 10 minutes to find the boys. The goal is to find as many members of the opposite gender as possible. The boys won by a very narrow margin of 16-15.

On Saturday morning we took part in the UPBC tradition of Hobo Breakfast. Campers had the opportunity to cook their own breakfast on a set of unused railroad tracks near UPBC. Later in the morning, campers had an extended time of worship and participated in a prayer walk around camp. In the afternoon, teams competed in the inaugural JV Olympics. Teams competed in different events including a water balloon launch, climbing the bouldering wall, shooting at the archery range, and BALF (a relay style event where you toss different items into a bucket).

On Saturday evening we held the annual Solid Rock Café talent show. Campers enjoyed a night of amazing talent in the lodge. The next major event on the schedule is another JV classic – messy games!  Be on the look out for some great pictures in the coming days.

Looking ahead to the 2nd week of JV, we’re looking forward to having Dan Dominguez and Jeff Martin teach and having the Wellspring team from Spring Arbor continue to lead worship. Dan is the Family Pastor of River City Church in St. Charles, Illinois and Jeff is a UPBC Missionary serving students in the Gwinn and KI Sawyer area of the Upper Peninsula. It will be another great week of camp!