Rumors of the demise of UPBC Boys Camp have been greatly exaggerated. Everyone made it home safe from the overnighter. One canoe tipped over on the AuTrain River...everyone dried out. Two cabins left their dinner (and breakfast) back at camp in the Longhouse freezer...they sent an embassy to ShopKo and bought brats and Kielbasa. Eighty-some campers played jungle capture the flag in a field of ferns and massive blueberries...great game, better eating. 

Everyone survived to live another gorgeous day of perfect weather at BC17. After returning from the overnighter, all showered. Everyone. Some for the first time. It ain't roses around here yet, but it ain't skunk anymore either.

We crammed in both the morning and afternoon activity sessions before dinner. After dinner was the annual treasure hunt, which apparently wasn't the most difficult. The winning cabin found the bounty in less than two minutes. What to do with all the extra time? That's right - capture the flag. 

In chapel tonight Chief George is speaking on Moses and the plagues. Following chapel, its camper testimony night. We can't wait to hear the stories of boys who have decided to surrender and follow Jesus. 

Keep praying - the Lord isn't finished with this group yet.