The WOLF Trails crew (8 boys and 2 counselors) has had an amazing trip. On Saturday the boys became familiar with the gear they would be using on Isle Royale. Once all the gear and food was given out, the counselors helped the campers get their bags packed and loaded up for an early morning departure. At 4 am on Sunday they left UPBC for Copper Harbor where they caught the ferry over to the Island. After a full day of travel, they arrived at Moskey Basin, where they enjoyed a wonderful dinner, a refreshing time in the water, and a friendly fox that attempted to get into their things. Monday, the group slept in and then hit the trail around noon since they only had 3-4 hours of hiking before arriving at West Chicken Bone. There they enjoyed another great dinner and some time in Chicken Bone Lake. Tuesday the group was up earlier due to the 11 miles they had to hike. They woke up to slight rain but the rest of the day it was clear skies. This picture shows how God was protecting them from a big storm that was just south of them. They wrapped up the day at Todd Harbor with some time enjoying Lake Superior, another great meal, and they even had time to do laundry! Wednesday the group traveled to McCargo Cove. Tune in later for a wrap up of their week!