We hope you are enjoying a relaxing and safe 4th of July! We’re having another picture-perfect day at UPBC! Later tonight, UPBC’s neighbors will be launching a number of fireworks. Campers are looking forward to an evening with snacks around the campfire and having front-row seats on the edge of the lake for tonight’s “show.”

This week we have two new speakers. In the mornings, Dan Dominguez’s messages focus on how the Christian’s journey is analogous to a plant. We were created from dirt, we are transplanted into God’s family, we need to abide in Him, we need food to grow, and we need to spread seeds to others. In the evenings, Jeff Martin is analyzing a number of biblical characters and how Jesus interacted with them. For example, last night featured a comparison and contrast of how the Rich Young Ruler and Zacchaeus responded to Christ.

Later this morning, campers will continue their Team Challenge activities. We would like to tell you a little bit more about two of these challenges. First, each team is able to use the Zip Line. Located on the back 40 acres of UPBC property, the Zip Line challenges campers to take steps of faith as they climb up to the platform and step off for an amazing flight through the forest. Following the activity, the Zip Line staff lead campers in a discussion about how taking steps of faith on the Zip Line is similar to taking steps of faith in our daily lives. Another team challenge is to rehearse for skits. At the end of each week, 5 teams will perform a skit where they have to present a humorous performance in which the team introduces Jesus to a modern convenience. For example, teams were given prompts that included “going to the grocery store,” “flying on an airplane,” or “using a cell phone.” Judges will evaluate teams on their creativity, humor, and overall participation. Skits always make for a great night!

Lisa Van RynComment