It’s Day 2 of Boys Camp 2018. Starting with the program staff meeting at 7am, until cabin devotions each night around 10pm, the party is on. Full throttle. Non-stop activity. (Yes mom, we are taking some breaks and your sons are well hydrated). 

There’s a series of events which must occur in order for Boys Camp to function properly:

1. The bus must arrive on time - check.
2. Lice free - check.
3. Swim tests - check. 
4. Fiesta picnic - check. 
5. Flag raising - check. 
6. First day of morning/afternoon activities - check. 
7. Trading Post - check. 
8. Stadium supper - check. 
9. Capture the Flag - check. And breathe. 

All good stuff, but that’s not what we’re really here for. We’re here to see Jesus change the hearts of these young men. We’re here to see boys make a commitment to follow our Lord and Savior. Everything else is just a tool to lead this camp of 116 boys into eternity with their Creator. 

Chief Tom Felten is back in the pulpit after several years away. He’s a gifted communicator of God’s word who commands the attention of these lads. The theme for the week is “A Journey with Jesus." Each boy has received a printed guidebook to lead them to the cross. 

Tonight is counselor testimonies. Please be praying for this group of men, our entire program and summer staff who are entrusted with the hearts of your sons this week. We know the Lord has plans for the boys, and we wait with open hearts to see Him move through this camp.