W.O.L.F. Trails 2018

The W.O.L.F. Trails group has had a wonderful first two days. On Saturday everyone completed the registration process and enjoyed the cool water during their swim test. The rest of their afternoon was filled with learning how to set up their tents, use their camping stoves, purify their water and how to best pack all their gear. In the evening they spent time getting to know one another and then settled in for the night.

Sunday was an early morning rise (3 a.m.) to make sure they caught the ferry from Copper Harbor to Rock Harbor. Lake Superior was beautiful and flat. Once at Rock Harbor they heard from the Park Service and then caught their water taxi to Daisy Farm. Once they left the boat at Daisy Farm it was time to start hiking. They hiked from Daisy Farm to Moskey Basin (about 4 miles) and closed out the long day by enjoying the peaceful wilderness.

Thank you for praying for this group!