BOYS CAMP - Tuesday

We’ve made it til Tuesday. The halfway point. It’s said that if a counselor can survive Boys Camp until now, he can survive the rest of the week standing on his head. We’re having an incredible week of ministry, but let’s face it: 116 boys age 9-12 can tax the best of us!

Last time we corresponded with you, we were about to light out from chapel to the fire pit to hear counselor testimonies. And we did, and several boys later told their counselors the testimonies they heard were foundational in their new decision to follow Christ! Amen. But it didn’t end there...

The journey Chief Tom Felten is taking us on has steered even more boys to a first time commitment with Jesus. This is what makes it all worth it. There’s nothing like the wave of Christ crashing down on this camp.

So what else are we up to? Well the heat wave broke last night, finally. We walked south to the railroad tracks this morning for Hobo breakfast. It was a balmy 58 degrees, cloudy with a chance of rain. It was glorious! Gotta love the Yoop in mid-July. 

Of course the boys have played two more games of Capture the Flag, and this afternoon we had another all camp activity called “Coinopoly”. Don’t ask this author what it was all about, but the important thing is it involved a lot of running. This, coupled with the game of CTF tonight, should tucker out the little fellas tonight after their cabin devos. 

Tomorrow afternoon we will pack up the camp and make for several destinations for the annual overnight camp out. This is a unique event only Boys Camp does. It’s an exhausting and exhilarating event, but we wouldn’t change it for the world. 

Keep praying - the Lord is not done here yet. Not by a long shot.