Monday, July 9, 2018

Girls Camp is off to a great start! So far the weather has been sunny and warm, and the girls have enjoyed lots of time down at the waterfront. 

Jon and Andrea are teaching on the names of God during our chapel sessions. They've covered El Shaddai (sustainer/almighty), El Elyon (most high God), El Olam (the eternal God), and Yahweh (God of Covenant). The girls are learning about how the names of God reflect who He is and how they display His love for them. 

Our theme dinner last night was unicorns and glitter, and all of camp is still sparking from the glitter. Tonight the girls will be enjoying a Star Wars themed dinner. Be sure to check the SmugMug page to see pictures from our theme dinner photo booths: 

Thanks for your prayers for a safe, meaningful, and fun week. We're having a wonderful time so far!