Boys Camp '17 - Day 2. Sometimes words will not describe the events of the day as well as pictures, so time for a shameless plug:

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Sunday was a glorious day. The sun shone bright while the cooler temps kept things comfortable. This made the first day of activity sessions especially perfect, unless of course your son was in the sailing or waterskiing class. Check that, the wind was blowing strong, so it was a great day for sailing. Not so much for waterskiing when the high was 60 degrees. 

Archers arched. Moutain bikers biked. Rifleman rifled. Fisherman fished. Ultimate Gamers gamed. Extreme Arts crafted. Challenge Course challenged. Every group of boys got after it today and had a blast learning new skills and making new friends. 

Since it was a day of firsts, the first round of Capture the Flag stepped off after dinner. There is nothing quite like CTF at UPBC Boys Camp. It's a tradition dating back to 1970s. Full throttle. No brakes. No mercy. It's awesome. The introverts become extroverted. The weak become strong. The slow become fast. The 40-something year old counselors realize their lack of everything healthy. 

Oh, dinner...yeah, that was a thing too. Stadium supper. All things fried, dripping in the pride of loyalty to their favorite teams. Thankfully the pretentious Chicago Cubs fans were greatly outnumbered by those from Michigan and Ohio (settle down - its all in love). 

Chief George Farber is teaching about Joseph tonight. It's such a privilege to see your sons fully engaged in the message the Lord has laid on George's heart. Even in the busyness of the day, the boy's hearts are miraculously stilled to absorb a word which may bring them into a relationship with Christ. 

That's the mission. It all comes down to this. We can't wait until the morning staff meeting to hear about the devotions from the night before, the questions the boys ask and steps they begin taking to move closer to eternity in Glory. 

Keep praying. We are. 


Little Lake. High Noon. Parents and their young sons arrive on the grounds of Upper Peninsula Bible Camp. As they step out of their cars, minivans and fuel efficient SUVs, senses kick in. 

They breathe in the fresh smell of pine wafting through the air. They feel the cool breeze coming off Farmer Lake. Then, amongst the banging of Grizballs and the clanging of luggage carts over ancient tree roots, they hear it. 

The camp bus, grinding through gears southbound on Bible Camp Drive. Like gasoline thrown on simmering ashes, the bulk of Boys Camp has arrived to ignite the craziest week of the summer camp programs. 

We are not prophetic, but we have a few promises: 

1) more than half the tonnage of clean clothing, packed ever so carefully by loving mothers, will return exactly as it was sent. 

2) it will be the last time this specific group of campers, counselors and program staff will be together in a perfect symphony of uncompromised hygiene. 

3) the Word of God will be preached unapologetically and Christ Jesus will move in the hearts of these young men. 

There was a mild hurricane on the lake during the swim tests (and the sun reappeared just as quick). Campers were pummeled by large, rubber dodge balls. Ice cream was made from scratch materials in ziplock bags, mixed by boys throwing said bags of ice at each other. 

Fear not, mom and dad, your sons are in good hands. Thanks to this blog and the magic of interwebs, what happens in the U.P. will not stay in the U.P. Your boy(s) will be returned to you whole, tired and chock full of bible lessons taught by an incredibly gifted communicator of the gospel. 

The honor is truly ours to have one week of the year to pour our hearts into your child's. Enjoy your time without him, because frankly, he will be having a blast without you! 


A13 had a great week. Campers and counselors were super flexible as the week changed around due to weather.  On Monday, campers headed in for a bike ride through Marquette and a walk out onto the breakwater to a lighthouse.  Monday evening our worship leaders held a coffee house for the campers. Music, fellowship, and snacks helped the campers further their friendships with each other.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were spent at camp enjoying activities such as high ropes and waterskiing as well as board games, biking and leathercraft. A rousing game of four-way capture the flag got everyone’s adrenaline going. The cool weather didn’t deter campers from jumping in Little Lake to swim and ski.

We wrapped the week up with a hike up Sugarloaf Mountain and down along the lakeshore of Lake Superior to Little Presque Isle Point. Campers were challenged to jump into the water at black rocks. 

Pastor Steve continued to challenge the campers in going out to make disciples. He shared how we need courageous faith, we need to BELIEVE Jesus not just believe in him, count the cost, and God has no Plan B. At the end of the week he asked campers to think about two points: what is God saying to you and what are you going to do about it? Many campers wrote responses to this and even shared with a counselor to help keep them accountable once they returned home.

We are grateful for the week we had and looking forward to next year!


The Girl Camp campers had a "UPBC Greatest Hits" sort of day yesterday. We started with hobo breakfast. After morning chapel, cabin discussions, and a quick lunch--we headed to Au Train Beach for the afternoon. 

The girls spent the afternoon swimming, building/digging holes in the sand, making crafts, reading, and chatting on the beach. We ate dinner at the beach before heading back to camp for our evening chapel session. 

Yesterday's chapel sessions focused on the gift of community. Our evening chapel time was a candlelight service; we spent lots of time singing and the girls finished the evening by praying for one another. 

We've had a little rain so far this morning, but it hasn't dampened anyone's spirits. Everyone seems excited for our theme dinner tonight--"Emojis." We're looking forward to another great day at Girls Camp! 


Girls Camp is off to a great start so far! We have a full house with 116 enthusiastic campers. Upon arriving at camp, one returning camper remarked, "I've waited 11 months for this!" 

We've been busy with many activities and having lots of fun. The campers weathered a bit of rain yesterday, but they were positive; some embraced the drizzle and others enjoyed working on crafts in the lodge. 

Our chapel sessions are around the theme of "Christmas in July." Yesterday, Jon and Andrea shared about God's gift of life to us. Today, they are focusing on the gift that Jesus is to us. As always, our chapel times have included some silly games, looking into God's word, and lots of worship through singing. 

Thanks for your prayers for the campers! We're looking forward to the rest of the week and are grateful to get to spend time with your daughters enjoying creation, fellowship, and worshipping our great God! 


After a full Saturday of medical check-ins, swim tests, and going over camp procedures, campers finally got to let loose and get to know each other at the Woodlands campus. We have a full camp with 36 teens. Many campers seem disappointed at the “early” lights out at 10:30, but we knew they would be thankful for it as the week moved on.

Sunday found our group venturing out to Pictured Rock National Lakeshore. It was a beautifully foggy day for our six mile hike. We ate lunch on the bluffs overlooking Lake Superior and spent time together at the beach. Not one black fly was in sight and everyone hiked in and out safely.

Chapel Rock

Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore

Through all of this Pastor Steve is weaving in the message that the Great Commission is our mission. He shared the importance of having a firm foundation as we stood in front of Chapel Rock.  Before we can share the love of Jesus we need to know WHO He is and WHAT he has done. The counselors had an opportunity to go a bit deeper at devos time before bed.

We have had a great start to the week.  The small nature of this group helps the bigger group mesh as a whole and we are looking forward to forming deeper bonds as the week goes on.


"We've had an amazing week. We love this place! Of all the places we've been able to travel with our boys, this is by far the best. It's hard to put into words what all happens during this week. Praising God for another blessed week at UPBC!" -Amy Tudor

It's hard to believe that our week is coming to a close. The time away, with family, has been just what we all needed to rejuvenate and relax before returning to our busy lives.

Thursday was a day to experience the U.P. One family returned to Presque Isle for a picnic. Another family enjoyed some thrift and antique shops before heading back to the Woodlands for some time on the lake. Some of us enjoyed fishing and kayaking on Little Lake as well. Friday morning, Graham Martin joined us for some leather crafting. We made bookmarks, keychains, and belts. The families loved this experience! The afternoon was family choice day. Families could opt to go on another day trip or stay at the Woodlands for some relaxation.

To close the week, Brian spoke about ultimate authority. He referenced John 8:32 and Romans 13:1-2, as well as Proverbs 3:5-6 and James 3:17. He challenged us to trust and submit to Him. We were reminded that maximum freedom is found under God's ultimate authority.

One of the nice things about Family Experience Week has been the loose schedule. Families have enjoyed experiencing the U.P., as well as relaxing or playing in the lake at the Woodlands. We can do as much or as little as we want in a day.

This was a great inaugural Family Experience Week at UPBC at the Woodlands. We are already looking forward to next year! The dates are June 30-July 7, 2018. Registration opens February 1. This week of camp is best for families with children over age 8. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the camp, or us at the following email addresses: (Brian) (Julie)

Until next year,
Brian and Julie Richmond, Directors


"I have not been hungry once since I've been at camp."  -14 year old boy
"The staff goes above and beyond." -husband/dad

We cannot fully explain how good the food is at UPBC. You really just need to come and experience it! This week the families have experienced popular UPBC traditions, such as a hobo breakfast and Build-a-Mountain; along with other delicious meals. This has just added to the fun this week. The women, especially, have enjoyed not having to plan meals, cook, or clean up! 

Tuesday was another day to experience the U.P.  Families packed lunches, split up, and went to Au Train or Sugar Loaf Mountain. Au Train is a fun place to swim and play in the water. Sugar Loaf Mountain offers hiking and a beautiful scenic view. Wednesday we experienced the main camp at UPBC. We conquered the ropes course and enjoyed the zip line. We experienced the riflery and archery ranges, and relaxed at the waterfront. These activities were new for many of us, and it was fun and rewarding to stretch ourselves and try new experiences.

Brian spoke Tuesday evening about meaningful friendships. The main take-away from this message was that our friendships determine the quality and direction of our lives. He referenced Proverbs 13:20 and encouraged us to carefully choose our friends. Wednesday he spoke from Ephesians 5:15-17 about making wise choices. He challenged us to filter our decisions through the following question: "In light of my past experiences, current circumstances, and future hopes and dreams, what is the wise thing to do?"

Night activities often involve a campfire, fun at the lake, carpet ball, or nine square. One night we got together and ate popcorn and watched a movie. There is always something to do here.

This time together as families has been precious, and we are thankful.
Brian and Julie Richmond, Directors


Good Thursday morning from UPBC! Yesterday was the second off-camp trip for the JV campers. Due to a chance of threatening weather, we left UPBC earlier than expected and headed out on our annual visit to Au Train beach on the shores of Lake Superior. We had lunch on the beach and the bad weather held off! It was a perfect day at the beach and campers enjoyed time swimming in the Au Train River and playing a variety of beach games. Teams of campers also competed in a sandcastle building contest and a polar bear plunge into Lake Superior. We returned to UPBC for dinner and finished our most popular evening tournament, the Nuke Em Tournament. Nuke Em is a modified version of volleyball and over 60 campers participated in the 3 night double-elimination tournament.

Au Train Beach

Over the past two weeks, many cabins have held evening devotions around a campfire at locations in the woods of UPBC. Counselors have reported that many campers are asking tough questions and making serious steps in their spiritual development. It’s our prayer that JV 2017 powerfully impacts the life of your camper. It’s clear from what we’ve seen here at UPBC, God is already making that happen.

On a practical note, if you regularly send emails to your camper on the UPBC website, please don’t send any additional emails after 11 am tomorrow (Friday June 7th). We want to make sure your messages are printed and delivered before camp ends. Thanks!


We hope you are enjoying a relaxing and safe 4th of July! We’re having another picture-perfect day at UPBC! Later tonight, UPBC’s neighbors will be launching a number of fireworks. Campers are looking forward to an evening with snacks around the campfire and having front-row seats on the edge of the lake for tonight’s “show.”

This week we have two new speakers. In the mornings, Dan Dominguez’s messages focus on how the Christian’s journey is analogous to a plant. We were created from dirt, we are transplanted into God’s family, we need to abide in Him, we need food to grow, and we need to spread seeds to others. In the evenings, Jeff Martin is analyzing a number of biblical characters and how Jesus interacted with them. For example, last night featured a comparison and contrast of how the Rich Young Ruler and Zacchaeus responded to Christ.

Later this morning, campers will continue their Team Challenge activities. We would like to tell you a little bit more about two of these challenges. First, each team is able to use the Zip Line. Located on the back 40 acres of UPBC property, the Zip Line challenges campers to take steps of faith as they climb up to the platform and step off for an amazing flight through the forest. Following the activity, the Zip Line staff lead campers in a discussion about how taking steps of faith on the Zip Line is similar to taking steps of faith in our daily lives. Another team challenge is to rehearse for skits. At the end of each week, 5 teams will perform a skit where they have to present a humorous performance in which the team introduces Jesus to a modern convenience. For example, teams were given prompts that included “going to the grocery store,” “flying on an airplane,” or “using a cell phone.” Judges will evaluate teams on their creativity, humor, and overall participation. Skits always make for a great night!


The very first Family Experience Week at the Woodlands is underway! This week is all about experiencing the U.P. and connecting with God and our families in His creation.

Sunday, after a fabulous breakfast and chapel service, we took off for our first U.P. experience. We headed to Presque Isle where we shared a lunch the U.P. is known for....pasties! What a delicious and fun experience for us to enjoy together. We then went to Black Rocks. We chose to NOT leap into and experience the frigid water, but we saw several brave souls doing so. We saw a wedding party getting photos taken nearby....beautiful! Then, we parted and went our separate ways to enjoy time together as families. One family experienced a hike to see a waterfall. Others checked out some shops in Marquette. Another family opted to go back to the Woodlands to experience  some fun family time on the lake.

Monday we traveled to Indian River to experience a 5 mile canoe trip. This was a time of team work as we navigated the river. The weather and scenery were beautiful. We found this experience to be challenging at times, but tranquil as well. The time together "unplugged" from technology and away from our daily commitments was refreshing. What a blessing to experience time together while enjoying God's creation!

The families met back together at the Woodlands for dinner, followed by chapel. As usual, the food is terrific and the staff is wonderful. Brian spoke during chapel on Sunday about authentic faith and how God can be trusted. He will do all He has promised to do. In response to our trust and faith, God promises to guide us. Monday he spoke about spiritual disciplines. As we read Scripture, pray, journal, and memorize Scripture, we are developing spiritual disciplines. We were reminded that our minds will be our greatest strength or downfall.

We ended our days by experiencing a pontoon ride around Little Lake, a campfire, and s'mores! We are excited about experiencing UPBC at the Woodlands, the U.P., and time with families during this week. Our prayer is that each family here will find themselves uncluttered and simplified as they experience God's love for them this week.   

- Directors, Brian and Julie Richmond


Sunday July 2, 2017

On Friday night, we played our night game. At JV Camp, night games are played after evening chapel and evening devotions. Friday’s game featured a competition between the boys and the girls. To begin, the girls had 10 minutes to hide somewhere on the campgrounds. After those 10 minutes, the boys had 10 minutes to find the girls. In the second round, the boys had 10 minutes to hide and the girls had 10 minutes to find the boys. The goal is to find as many members of the opposite gender as possible. The boys won by a very narrow margin of 16-15.

On Saturday morning we took part in the UPBC tradition of Hobo Breakfast. Campers had the opportunity to cook their own breakfast on a set of unused railroad tracks near UPBC. Later in the morning, campers had an extended time of worship and participated in a prayer walk around camp. In the afternoon, teams competed in the inaugural JV Olympics. Teams competed in different events including a water balloon launch, climbing the bouldering wall, shooting at the archery range, and BALF (a relay style event where you toss different items into a bucket).

On Saturday evening we held the annual Solid Rock Café talent show. Campers enjoyed a night of amazing talent in the lodge. The next major event on the schedule is another JV classic – messy games!  Be on the look out for some great pictures in the coming days.

Looking ahead to the 2nd week of JV, we’re looking forward to having Dan Dominguez and Jeff Martin teach and having the Wellspring team from Spring Arbor continue to lead worship. Dan is the Family Pastor of River City Church in St. Charles, Illinois and Jeff is a UPBC Missionary serving students in the Gwinn and KI Sawyer area of the Upper Peninsula. It will be another great week of camp!


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Yesterday was an exciting day here at JV Camp. First, we had a beautiful, warm, sunny day!  Second, the campers went on their first of two off-camp trips. We were able to enjoy a picnic lunch at the Picnic Rocks in Marquette, and from there we left for our hike. Our afternoon was spent in a challenging climb up Hogback Mountain. We were so excited that all the campers made it to the top! At the summit we enjoyed the vista and then descended the mountain. Campers and staff were able to have a great time in nature and bonding with each other. We returned to UPBC for dinner, free time, and evening chapel.


Hogback Mountain

Marquette, MI

Today is another a picture-perfect day at camp. The morning is cool, but temperatures are supposed to rise throughout the day. Campers will continue to enjoy ice cream from the trading post and optional evening tournaments. Earlier this week we held a 4-on-4 Gaga Ball tournament. This evening we are starting the 4-on-4 Ultimate Frisbee tournament.  

As you may know, the theme for JV 2017 is “Live Like You’re Loved.” During chapels and devotions, campers are being challenged to grow in their relationship with God, experience his love, and learn how to let that love flow out to others. It’s our hope and prayer that these two weeks will make a lasting impact on each camper’s spiritual journey and walk with God.


Monday, June 26, 2017

It’s the third day of JV Camp and exciting things are happening at UPBC.  As soon as campers arrived on Saturday, they met their counselors, completed check-in, settled in to their cabins, and formed teams for their time at JV Camp. Unfortunately, a heavy rain came in to camp and delayed our swim test to Sunday morning.  After dinner, despite the rain, campers competed with their teams (co-ed groups of 10 campers of all ages) in a game called Extreme Capture the Flag.  After a great evening of team competition, campers attended their first JV chapel session.  Campers gathered around the fireplace in the lodge to more formally meet all the counselors, counselors-in-training, speakers, and support staff.  Campers were challenged to grow in their faith, step outside of their comfort zones, and to embrace the opportunity to make new friendships and strengthen existing friendships.  Campers were also encouraged to complete a Bible reading challenge.  To complete the challenge, campers need to read their Bible for at least 5 minutes each day.  Feel free to write your camper with encouragement to complete all of those challenges.

Yesterday (Sunday) began as a more pleasant Upper Peninsula morning.  After breakfast, campers cleaned their cabins and helped pick up the rest of the camp grounds following yesterday evening’s activities.  Campers then headed to their first morning chapel where Zach Mundy shared his first message and were led in worship by a worship team from Spring Arbor University.  Zach is the pastor of student ministries at Grace Church in Commerce, Michigan and he is teaching on the topic of how God’s Love Produces various changes in one’s life. 

After morning devotions and discussion, campers were finally able to complete the swim test in the sunshine. We rescheduled team challenge to later in the evening to accomplish this task. This week in team challenge campers are playing ultimate frisbee, kickball, lawn games, and soccer, as well as experiencing the Zip Line, and preparing for skits to be held this weekend.  Participating in each challenge earns points for the teams and winning teams receive more points.  The team with the most points at the end of the 2 weeks earns an ice cream party and their picture on the JV Wall of Fame in the Dining Hall.

After a famous UPBC Sunday Dinner, campers completed their 2 elective skill activities for the first week.  This week campers are water skiing and wake boarding, at the rifle and archery range, on the high ropes course and climbing tower, making creative art projects, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding and playing group initiatives and games.  After the evening meal, campers had some free time and enjoyed ice cream from the trading post before going to evening chapel.  In the evenings, Dean Johnson, the senior pastor of Lake Pointe Bible Church in Plymouth, Michigan will be speaking.  This week Dean is speaking out of the book of Luke.  His messages will focus on how the book of Luke is a thoroughly investigated, true account of the life of Jesus and how that influences one’s relationship with Christ.

Today (Monday) has started as a rainy day again, but the campers are taking it in stride and being very flexible with changes to accommodate the rain. After a delicious breakfast and cleaning up camp, the campers are hearing a thought provoking message from Zach and going on with Team Challenge and their skills as much as possible.

It’s been rainy, but a great start to camp!

Varsity Camp

The week started off fantabulous! A unified group right from the beginning. From the ice breakers, throwing pudding, shaving cream and flour into each other's faces, to the koinonia times where the campers are split into teams and ask hard questions after chapel sessions, this has been an awesome group. 

The weather has thrown a few hiccups into the "plan" for varsity and it has been really cool to see how God had something better in store for everyone here at camp. 

We have had many young men stepping up and asking girls to the banquet and Steve and Curtis have kept the camp laughing with their hilarious skits and games. 

Jimmy, Melissa and Curtis have been killing it with the worship, singing times and Keoni has been speaking this week about overcoming things such as isolation, hypocrisy and deception as he's been bringing us through the book of 1 John. One thing that has been consistently talked about by campers has been how the worship times have encouraged them to experience God in new ways.

Overall, God has been breaking down walls in many young lives as opportunities for growth and change have been presented. Please continue to pray that God moves within the lives of everyone here! Thanks for reading!

WOLF Trails - Wrap Up

The WOLF campers had an awesome trip. On Monday morning they hiked 6 miles to West Chicken Bone where they swam, made lunch, and tried to find some shade. On Tuesday, they had their longest hike of the week -- 11 miles -- to Todd Harbor. Along the way they saw moose tracks and antlers. After the hike and dealing with a few blisters, they jumped into Lake Superior where they washed their clothes and watched the sunset. On Wednesday, the boys hiked 6 miles on the Minong Ridge in the heat. They stopped to enjoy the Minong Mines and what was left of an old mining village. Once they reached their destination, the boys went swimming once more in Lake Superior in an attempt to escape the heat. Thursday morning the boys encountered a big thunderstorm, while still in their tents. Once the storm settled, the boys began their 8-mile hike to Daisy Farm where they would spend their last night on the island. Along the way they climbed Mt. Ojibway and enjoyed a fantastic view of the island from the Ranger Tower. On Friday morning, the boys woke up at 6:30am to begin their last 8-mile hike to Rock Harbor where they enjoyed burgers and waited for the ferry ride home. On the way back home, they stopped for pizza in Houghton and saw two moose on the side of the road; a mother with her calf. 

Boys Camp - Wrap Up

This is it. The final day. And what a glorious week it has been! Parents, prepare your washing machines for some filthy clothes, and prepare your son's dresser drawers for all the clean, folded clothes returning home as well. 

Since our last post, there has been torrential rain, oppressive heat, an overnight campout, and many knock-down-drag-out games of Capture the Flag. The annual Grizball (carpetball) tournament is now underway with a winner to be crowned tonight. But these are trivial matters of camp. 

The real reason we are here is to see lives turned from a path of eternal destruction to a path of eternal salvation. The goal of every counselor and staff member has been to create an environment for these boys to realize the need for their savior Jesus Christ. 

We praise God many heard the call! Last night we had camper testimonies and several stood up to tell the entire camp about their choice to follow Him. Others have told their counselors about their decision. How awesome. 

We're excited for you to ask your son about all the fun he had, but make sure to find out what he learned. Uncle Phil brought the gospel with great energy and without apology. The seed has been sown. 

This staff loves your boy and will be praying for him throughout the year. We thank you again for a chance to build strong male character into your son. Please let UPBC know if there is anything we can do to help you and your family. Hope to see you in 2017!

WOLF Trails

This year, we have 5 WOLF campers and 3 leaders hitting the trails of Isle Royale. They spent Saturday getting ready for their big trip and completing their swim test. Alex, Phil, and Amos made sure the campers had the food and gear needed for their tri. Campers learned how to use equipment such as their stove, tent, and water purifier. That night, they spent time together as a group hanging out at camp. Sunday morning they woke up at 3:00am and left camp o make sure they caught the ferry out of Copper Harbor by 8:00am. The 3-1/2 hour boat ride to Isle Royale was followed by a short water taxi to Daisy Farm where they started hiking. Sunday, the group hiked 4 miles to Moskey Basin and enjoyed the views. Monday morning they radioed in and gave this report to base camp before heading to West Chicken Bone. Be on the look out for more posts to come.

Boys Camp

It's day two of Boys Camp 2016 and so far we are 100% free of any Pokemon sightings. The events of the last couple weeks (and today) throughout the United States and abroad have left Christians worldwide fervently praying for peace. We know deep down it won't happen this side of eternity, but here at UPBC we have a small sanctuary of time and space to preach the peace of Jesus Christ to your sons. We thank you for this opportunity. 

Yesterday the boys arrived and the chaos we know as Boys Camp began. The weather was cool, but we made it through activity selections, swim tests and the all-camp activity without rain. Not quite so lucky today. 

Oh wait, 106 boys ages 9-13 love rain! Did this stop boating, riflery, archery, ultimate games or extreme crafts? No mom and dad, it did not. We pressed on, got soaked and had a blast during a torrential Upper Peninsula downpour. 

Many courses of fried food were served at the annual stadium dinner tonight. The boys and staff decked themselves out in their favorite sports teams attire. Much ado was made about the recent NBA championship victory of the Cleveland Cavaliers and a rousing chorus of the national anthem was sung. Not to be outdone, some natives from the north sang "O Canada". We love our Canadian friends. 

Uncle Phil Mikely is back this year to speak at the morning and evening chapel services. As in years past, he is delivering the gospel in a manner few can. He challenges the boys to learn, read and memorize the Word of God. Tonight Uncle Phil is preaching through Romans 6:23 about the wages of sin. After chapel, we're having a campfire when several counselors will give their testimonies. Solid, Christian men humbling themselves in front of your sons to tell their stories of life apart from Christ and life now in Christ. 

We know the Spirit is moving. We know the boys are having their hearts stirred. We ask you to join us in prayer for these young souls.

Girls Camp - Wrap Up

This week of camp has been amazing. We have had such a great time. On Wednesday we had a day out to AuTrain. The weather was beautiful and the girls enjoyed our day at the beach and in the water. Brave Enough to do the right thing was our topic for Wednesday and we took a look at the story of Abigail and Esther. Thursday was rainy but it didn't stop our fun. We played capture the flag and had our dream job dinner. The girls looked great!! Our topic yesterday was Brave Enough: to serve. The girls brought and packed 1,590 diapers and 7 boxes of Purex! It was so great to see them serve!

In our final morning chapel, we talked about being Brave Enough to share Christ with others. This evening we will have our Olympic dinner and lots of fun games. We are sad that camp is almost over but so thankful for all the fun we have had!