The leadership of UPBC has an eternal desire to see friends and family of camp steward their money in the most exemplary way possible. If you are interested in taking advantage of these services, please contact BSS by visiting their website at www.believerstewardship.org. 

Financial planners from BSS are experts in helping you determine which type of estate planning is appropriate for your situation, such as a living trust or living will. These are Godly men and women who understand the Biblical principles of finances. They will not only help you make wise financial decisions, but also make sure your planning is consistent with Scripture.

Once you have met with a CFP, they will draft the necessary paperwork which is compliant with the state of your residence. BSS maintains a network of Bible-believing attorneys in each state who will file the paperwork for you.

How much does this cost? What is the catch? These are fair questions!

First, the cost to meet with a planner from BSS is completely free. BSS is entirely supported by donors and other gifts.  The attorneys work for a discounted rate. Most people should expect to pay between $400-$600 for their services.

Second, there is no catch. BSS provides these services only with the expectation you would leave a portion of your estate to the Lord's work. They will never ask you to leave money or property to them. UPBC will never ask you to leave anything to the camp. Leaving a portion of your estate to Kingdom work through a ministry of your choosing provides others an opportunity to hear the Gospel message after you have gone home to be with the Lord.

Responsible financial stewardship is found everywhere in the Bible.  How we manage our money is a form of worship. Everything we have is because He has allowed us to have it. 

A great way to honor the Lord is to plan your estate. Whether you are single or married, children or no children, young or old, the assets you possess on earth will be left behind. The question is who will they be left too?  Failure to adequately prepare how your money or property will be dispersed upon your death will result in a court making those decisions in a process called probate.

The problem with estate planning is the cost. A typical married couple with two children can expect to pay anywhere from $2500 to $3500 to retain an attorney to process this paperwork. That is cost prohibitive for many people for such an important task.

Another option is to consult with the certified financial planners from Believer Stewardship Services (BSS). This organization is a registered 501(c)(3) which specializes in helping assemblies and other Bible-believing ministries like UPBC. In late 2012, the trustees of UPBC approved a partnership with BSS to help the families and members of UPBC obtain cost effective services from BSS.