Have you ever wondered about how Upper Peninsula Bible Camp is governed? UPBC is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, which means it is required to have a board of trustees to manage the affairs of camp. UPBC also has a controlling document called the bylaws which serve to regulate how the camp is managed by the trustees.

The UPBC trustees are a group of fifteen (15) men and women nominated and elected by the voting membership of UPBC. To learn more about how to become a voting member of UPBC, please click HERE. Trustees are elected at the annual meeting, which was most recently held on October 20th, 2018 at Forest Hills Bible Chapel in Ada, MI.

One of the really cool things about UPBC is that there is limited paid staff, but there is an ocean of volunteers who serve tirelessly for the Kingdom! This means each trustee also has a job to do and is working hard for the Lord. With the ministry of camp growing rapidly, we believe the leadership of the camp needs to model this work ethic for all who are in the camp family.

Do you know someone who is active in serving at UPBC and would qualify to be a trustee? If so, ask them if they would be willing to serve in that capacity. The by-laws of UPBC govern how trustees are elected, and there have been some recent adjustments.

During the October 2016 Upper Peninsula Bible Camp annual meeting, it was announced that a new nominating and election process would be implemented for Camp trustees. The goal of this change is to fill trustee vacancies with qualified candidates who will help us best meet the specific needs of the trustee board. Specific needs could include professional, ministry-related, experience, geographical, generational, and more. 

The Nominee & Board Assessment Committee (NBA) has been established to oversee the nominating and election process. In September, the NBA committee will accept trustee nominees from Camp members. The committee will interview and screen interested nominees throughout the month of September. It will then present the entire list of qualified nominees to the UPBC board of trustees. The board of trustees will select a list of nominees matching the number of trustee vacancies. Finally, during October’s annual Camp meeting, the list of nominees will be presented for election by the UPBC membership. Each individual nominee must receive 85% or greater affirmative vote to be elected as a trustee.  All trustee nominations must be received by September 30, 2019. When nominating an individual, please verify that he or she is willing to serve if voted in. Send all suggested nominees to upbc.secretary@gmail.com (by September 30).

Please keep the following in mind:

  1. The person nominating a trustee must be a voting member of the camp. If you're interested in becoming a member, or not sure if you already are a member, please click HERE.

  2. The person nominated for trustee must also be a member. If you're not sure if that person is a member, please complete the nomination form by clicking HERE and the nominations committee will verify membership status. *Nominations will be accepted until 9/30/19

  3. All nominees must be vetted and approved by the trustees before they can be placed on the ballot for election. Due to requirements of Michigan state law, each trustee must also successfully pass a criminal background check.

  4. Trustees are elected at the annual meeting via the above mentioned format.

Each year, five (5) trustees are due for re-election or to rotate off the board. Beginning in 2013, each trustee will be limited to two (2) consecutive 3-year terms, with a minimum one year rest before being eligible to be nominated to serve again.

Here is the current list of trustees currently serving at UPBC:


Dan Cooper

Keely Costello*

Todd Henderson*

Tom Felten*

Phil Warners*


Julie Barrett*

Dave Bunce*

Charlie Gray

Greg Norwine

Cortney Walker*


Bryce Baker*

Scott Barrett*

Michael Creed*

Steve Dale

Lisa Van Ryn

*indicates trustee is eligible for re-election