Are you and your spouse ready for a retreat that's designed to draw you closer together as you both draw closer to Jesus? It's our hope that the UPBC Marriage Retreat will provide the refreshment, relaxation, and laughter you need. Come away to camp, together.

God’s rescue of those trapped in sin's bondage, the Holy Spirit’s guidance, and the truths of Scripture all make life worth living—life that's abundant! Marriage is one of the ways God speaks to us and to others in our lives. What is your relationship as husband and wife communicating to the world?


2018 Speakers

Hank & Ann Steede attend Bethel Baptist Church in Marquette. Hank is the Family Life pastor at Bethel and has extensive experience in marriage counseling and in dealing with people of all walks of life. Ann is a cancer survivor and is very active in their local church as well. Marriages are under attack, and it’s our sincere desire to do what we can to help couples Value the marriage relationship—our theme for 2018.


June 1-3, 2018. 

$140 Camp Fee per couple ($70 per person—due at check-in on June 1)

$20 registration fee per person