Thank you for your willingness to serve as a Counselor, Junior Counselor, or general Program Staff at UPBC! There are few things as rewarding (or exhausting!) as spending a week building into the lives of young people in search of their Savior. Your part in that process is greatly appreciated. If you are planning to serve during one of the camps listed to the left, you will need to complete this application process.


Before getting started, please realize the whole process will probably take about an hour to complete if you are a new applicant. If you are returning applicant, it should only take about 30 minutes.  Please make sure to leave yourself enough time to finish the application.

Once you start by clicking the link below, you will be asked to choose which position you are applying to serve in (Counselor, Jr Counselor, Program Staff, Adult Staff, etc.). Each position has two applications to choose from: New or Returning. If you have served at UPBC in the past, you may choose the Returning application for that position. If you will be serving for the first time at UPBC, we ask that you fill out the New application. All applicants are required to "agree" to the Liability Waiver, UPBC Statement of Faith and Positional Statement. If you are applying to be a Junior Counselor, you will be required to "agree" to the Junior Counselor expectations document as well.

Once your application is submitted, it will be forwarded to the appropriate Program Director for review.  The Program Director may then contact the references you listed on your application.  Please have three names for reference, as well as their phone numbers, email, and street address.

*ALL applicants (new or returning) are now required to provide the contact information for 3 references. Please have this information ready when you begin the application process, as it is required at the time of applying. These references will be contacted as needed, unless you are a first-time applicant - then you should expect the references to receive a form from UPBC requesting information regarding the applicant.

Your information will also be sent to our Human Resources (HR) department.  The HR personnel will then complete a state mandated criminal background check.  Your submission of the application provides UPBC consent to conduct the background check. 

Ready to get started?  Just click HERE.