Young men and women ages 16-19, this week is for you! A unique experience for high school and college age people, Varsity offers a place to be yourself, make friends, and explore God's creation.

Come to Varsity and enjoy meaningful and relevant chapel sessions, seek opportunities to conquer challenges or fears on the ropes course, or enjoy some friendly competition in team games. You can spend time at the beach with friends, enjoy great food, and relax at a campfire. We'll have lots of activities for you to choose from including ultimate frisbee, riflery, cooking, leathercraft, pottery, waterskiing, mountain biking, and more!

Varsity strives to give campers many opportunities to hear the voice of God, spend time in worship, and consider what it means to believe in Jesus Christ.


July 25 - August 1, 2020 

$260 Camp Fee (due at check-in on July 25), $40 Registration Fee

Co-ed, ages 16-19

Contact: varsitycamp@upbiblecamp.org